I am Jen Ohrman

Confidence Catalyst for Soulful, Spirited, Success-Minded Women!

Jen Ohrman

Who I Am:(the nutshell version!)

I Am a Soulful, Spirited, Success-Minded Woman!

I Am a former Jersey girl who has made Pittsburgh, Pa her home and is a true fan of the Black & Gold!

I Am a wife to an awesome husband and a mom to 3 beautiful kids.  Let’s not forget my other babies, a regal cat named Riley and the cutest dog named Cooper

I Am a former physical therapist, turned entrepreneur over 20 years ago!

I Am a successful home-based business owner, mentor and coach in the wellness world!

I Am a personal growth, life transformation strategist and life- long learner with an expertise and passion in all things Laws of the Universe Based, Mindset, Worthiness and Joyful Living!

I Am a published author, sharing my dark days and triumphs with some pretty major Anxiety and Panic Disorder challenges that were overcome!

I Am a speaker who loves to inspire, uplift and help women connect the dots to creating their most Joyful lives!

I Am a Collaborator, Connector & Confidence Coach!

I Am a person who has made my decision to stop doubting and start impacting, fear or no fear.  The time is NOW!

I Am a Teacher.  I teach women like me who desire to step up their game, play bigger and SHINE brilliantly. Together we launch dreams, create lives that sparkle and collectively, create a positive force that lights up our planet and beyond!


Welcome to our tribe!  Together, let’s impact the world from our place of Outrageous Joy!