Women:  Are YOU part of the HEALTHY HEART’S CLUB?!

It’s February- aka HEART MONTH and we need to have a little chat!

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For over 20 years I have promoted wellness in various shapes and forms.  While I am known by some for speaking on tending to your heart in the Self Love arena, for the past 11 years, I have also been quite passionate about teaching others to lead healthier lives by removing the chemicals in the home and making smarter consumer choices.  The benefits from this practice alone are too numerous to go on about here…but beyond improving the quality of air in your home…my question for you today is how much attention are you giving your beautiful, amazing, life giving HEART?

Sure, I take care of my heart, but it was really not top of mind until I attended a women’s health conference in Pittsburgh, Pa last year. I sat up a bit straighter and began to pay closer attention to heart health and women as the facts where shared about how often women are being treated like men in this arena, often without success. (because women are not men and most of the research has been done on men)  They caught my attention.  It is our job to be our own advocates, thus, we need to be aware and educated!

Perhaps, if I was still working in my former career as a physical therapist, these facts may have been more on my radar, but I am no longer in health care and to hear some of the statistics was shocking!

Allow me to share some ‘need to know, increase your awareness kind of info’, followed by some good news, take charge of your life, simple solution oriented thoughts.

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My information comes from the American Heart Association/Go Red for women.

  1. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. 1 in 3 deaths each year which is about one woman every minute. 
  2. HD is a killer that strikes more women than men and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.
  3. HD affects women of ALL ages, not just the elderly.
  4. HD can affect women who exercise regularly. Factors like cholesterol, eating habits and smoking can counterbalance other healthy habits.
  5. 64% of women who die suddenly of coronary artery disease had no previous symptoms. Most women do NOT present like men and consequently are often misdiagnosed.  Women should look for shortness of breath, nausea, back or jaw pain, dizziness or fainting, pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen and extreme fatigue.

The super fantastic news is that in many cases, we have tremendous control over much of our heart health based on the choices we make, or don’t make.   Obviously, good nutrition and exercise cannot be overstated as opportunities to maintain a healthy heart.  Keeping stress on the DL and choosing to not smoke can all be quite helpful too!  I personally choose to use natural, heart healthy, science based products to help us maintain healthy blood pressure, cholesterol/triglycerides and general good health as it is my goal in life to use nature’s pharmacy first and foremost! If you have not yet seen heard about the Freiburg study, check it out here, http://freiburgstudy.com/  Information worth knowing for sure.

Amazing Women:  our bodies are magnificent creations and our hearts, in and of themselves, quite magical! Be aware, be proactive and make choices that will keep your heart pumping lots of love throughout your body for many years to come!  Making our impact on this planet definitely starts with keeping our hearts healthy, in more ways than one.

Reach out and connect with any questions or comments and be PROACTIVE about your heart health! Good health is our true Wealth and one we can put no price on! Become your own HEALTHY HEART Advocate!

What do YOU do to keep you heart healthy?

It’s ALL Good!






A Little Bit of Magic & A Simple SHIFT to Begin Getting More of What You DO WANT in YOUR LIFE!

A Little Bit of Magic & A Simple SHIFT to Begin Getting More of What You DO WANT in YOUR LIFE!

everything-is-energyFor 25 years I have been fascinated(obsessed perhaps!) by how The Law of Attraction works in our lives, how our thoughts create our reality and how, by making the choice to change our thoughts, we can create new and different things in our own worlds!  It is incredibly empowering and it absolutely works, regardless whether you believe in it or not!  It’s very much like gravity that way.   I firmly believe(KNOW) that everything is possible!  We are all vibrational beings and emit a ‘frequency’ which is determined by our feelings…which are created by our thoughts.  Lest you think this is whoo whoo stuff, think again! It’s science baby, Quantum Physics, and it’s extraordinary! 

The Law of Attraction states that exactly what we put out into the world comes back to us, exactly.  In other words, what we focus on expands.   So the question is, “What are we focused on most of the day?” Believe it or not, 98% of the time we are focused on our DON’T WANTS!   Hmmmm….so does this mean that we’re likely getting more of what we DON’T WANT?  You bet it does.

If you’d like to see more of the things you DO WANT flowing into your life with greater ease and joy, then I offer you a simple but powerful exercise to getting started.

  1. Alone or with your family(great family activity!), take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and make two columns.
  2. Write down all your DON’T WANTS(they come easily…don’t have enough time, money, don’t exercise enough, not healthy enough etc)
  3. Next, write down all your DO WANTS. (abundant health, money, fitness, joy, peace, new job, new home, new car, new friends, and vacations….whatever you really want!)
  4. Post your DO WANTS all around your house and read them often…notice how you FEEL when you are focused on your DO WANTS vs. your DON’T WANTS.  Do you notice a difference?  Undoubtedly you do.  When we focus on our DO WANTS, we ‘vibrate’ and thus, attract, differently.  Many people say they feel more open, light, and good, vs. feeling tired, drained and overwhelmed when we focus on our DON’T WANTS!

The biggest part of this exercise is becoming astute at noticing how you are feeling.  We actually are hard wired with our very own GPS system called our Internal Guidance System, aka, our feelings!

Habits take some time to change, and this does take practice,  but when you decide to make this shift in your focus, you will be amazed by the results that will show up.  They can’t help but show up…because what we put out, we get back, every single time!

The book that began it all for me on this subject is: Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn

Check it out!

YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR ‘TO-DO LIST’ & Other False Premises….

YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR ‘TO-DO LIST’ & Other False Premises….

And why it might be time to re-think your own To-Do List for greater success!everything on your to-do-list

We all do it: you, me and probably your friends and neighbors, without even thinking!  It’s become such an accepted societal norm to pretty much brag about being ‘crazy busy’, having so much to do… then proceeding to list out, whether in our heads or out loud for all to hear, this fantastic list of 500 things we did today.

It’s like this Badge of Honor and it’s BS!  I keep thinking how funny it would be to makeup Busiest Women Badges and hand them out!  “I’m busier than you-nah nah nah!”LOL  (translation: I am more valuable than you or I am valuable today to myself because of all my do’s)

I feel it too, judging myself by how many things I have ticked off my To- Do(Should Do?) List and subconsciously or consciously, determining my worth that day by my ‘Volume of DO’s Completion Score.’  Oh, I better not put my power nap down, or taking time to drink my tea and read my book because they are not the high scoring items worthy of the Worthiness…or are they?!  My power nap is my #1 tool for success, by the way, but that’s for another blog! 

 So is it true?  Are we more valuable when we DO more?   Does our worthiness increase because we have 97 things on our to do list today?

I think not.  One thing I know for sure, we are Human BEings, not Human DOings.  As humans, we sure get to DO a lot of super cool stuff.  But are we doing the things that we came here to do…the things that amp us up, light up our souls, give us amazing joy?  Or are we just checking off high quantity and low quality To -Do lists so we can feel worthy?(did  someone say hamster wheel?)

  We did not come to this planet to ‘get IT done.’  We came forth to experience many things, namely joy and love, but none of it is based on how many checks we have on our To- Do list.  Our Worthiness is our birthright.  We are worthy simply because we exist. 

So how about this for an idea?  Let’s stop scoring and comparing our To Do lists.  Let’s give ourselves, and others a break from the judgment.  Instead, let’s create To Do lists that honor ourselves and our souls.  Let’s make sure that we are always at the top of that list and that BEing rates the highest every single day.  When we honor our BEingness, we honor our authenticity and our soul.  And this is where transformation and tapping into our genius can truly begin to occur.

Next Up:  A highly effective and useful To- Do List that totally lights up your soul



The Time is NOW!

what keeps you up at nightContrast! I awoke this morning at 4 am with the word CONTRAST beckoning my immediate attention.  Really? Contrast? How about it’s 4am, and I should be sleeping soundly in my warm cozy bed… but no… I am wide awake…how about that for contrast?!  Oh yeah, now I remember…I asked my spirit guides to clearly map out the next step for me….okay, very cool, .when Spirit has something to say, I am ready to listen…wee hours of the morning or not!   So here we are(Cooper, my sweet dog has followed me from my  warm bed to my office,  snuggled up in our fuzzy lime green blanket together with my steaming cup of Keurig coffee)  I am guided to talk about contrast….doesn’t seem like the most spectacular of words at first glance….so why the strong nudges at 4 am to explore Contrast?  What exactly does that mean? Is contrast just the opposing shades on the color wheel…is it the 50 shades of gray we hear so much about, or is it something bigger, deeper, more captivating than its eight letters might appear?

What if contrast is the reason we are here….living in human form on planet earth? I am feeling a lot of contrast of late…and I know why. This always happens when I step out of my comfort zone. Here’s the inner chit chat…”it’s time to play bigger, Jen…share what you’ve learned, help others looking for what you have learned.  They are out there.  Uplift, inform and inspire people….take your light out from under the bushel and Shine! It’s time, and you know it….you have so much great info that people want and need….play your bigger game.” Enter our friend Contrast and here come the head spins, overwhelming thoughts, I don’t know where to begin, what if people don’t like it or want, can I really make a living doing this, who am I to be in the expert industry and on and on it goes…Yikes!

Luckily…having much practice with Contrast…I truly (ok, mostly-sort of) have learned to welcome it, embrace it and trust this naggly toothed friend. I know unequivocally one thing about Contrast…when it shows up for me…when it’s somewhat annoying voices begin their chatter in my head, I have come to learn, know and TRUST something very cool is brewing….new doors are opening, expansion is occurring and since all the magic happens outside the comfort zone….exciting possibilities are lining up for me, and that provides the exhilaration that we ALL have come to this world to experience!

How about you? What are your feelings about contrast when it shows up in YOUR life?  What are some ways that you notice it? Do you resist or embrace it?  Contrast is our helpful, guiding friend because it reminds us of what we DON’T WANT more of in our lives. It’s SO easy to know what we don’t want…right? There is no problem identifying what we would like to see less of in 2015, and this is excellent news….just flip the switch!   Write down the opposite for each ‘DON’T WANT’, and now you have your DO WANTS identified!

Now you are in business and ready to begin clearly mapping out a new year destined to focus on that which is WANTED in your life!


Check out my dearly beloved book and a fantastic resource on all of this:

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!  By Lynn Grabhorn

MASTERMINDING for SOUL-FILLMENT..Antidote for Overwhelm!

MASTERMINDING for SOUL-FILLMENT..Antidote for Overwhelm!

Business owners, stay at home moms/dads, corporate players or whomever…we are playing with way too many balls in the air!

We search for that  ‘happy place’ where it all does get done, harmony prevails and we breath easy. However, with a few “Soul-Fillment Strategies” in place…managing the mind chatter aka “Crazy Jen Mode” (insert your own name!) becomes a JOY.

juggling too many things as a business ownerAs that “CJM” began brewing this morning, I quickly remembered 2 things that I have learned from my joyfully obsessive personal growth journey that can diminish the overwhelm.

#1: We Choose Our Thoughts…our thoughts create our feelings… I can change directions by changing my thoughts.  So, I asked myself, “Is this how I want to feel(crazy Jen overwhelm stuff)… I said NO…I choose joy, peace and harmony…all is well.” Deep breath,regroup…then fortuitously, I noticed on my schedule a space I had blocked out for SOUL-FILLMENT

Which brings me to  #2- My Mastermind Group!  We were meeting today!  We are women committed to our best lives and we ‘get each other’… We meet for coffee every few weeks, discuss business plans, share networking strategies, encourage each other to grow.  Today, we simply nourished our souls as we connected from the heart, listening to one another and as we lovingly reminded each person of her own great power, we were reminded of our own strengths and gifts… that we are not our ‘mind chatter’ or our ‘to do’ list….and that we simply needed to nourish our souls… within one hour, those feelings of overwhelm turned to hope, excitement and even peace. My gratitude overflows for these women!

It’s cheaper than therapy baby…and oh so productive! So go ahead, give it a try…choose only thoughts that serve you…and create your own Mastermind Group with those whom you can serve…and who in turn will remind you of your greatness…and together you’ll find that peace and harmony really can prevail in the midst of our busy lives!

…and let us know how you do!   We would LOVE to hear other ways you pull yourself into balance when the “Crazy Mind” tries to take over!   Please share!