A Little Bit of Magic & A Simple SHIFT to Begin Getting More of What You DO WANT in YOUR LIFE!

A Little Bit of Magic & A Simple SHIFT to Begin Getting More of What You DO WANT in YOUR LIFE!

everything-is-energyFor 25 years I have been fascinated(obsessed perhaps!) by how The Law of Attraction works in our lives, how our thoughts create our reality and how, by making the choice to change our thoughts, we can create new and different things in our own worlds!  It is incredibly empowering and it absolutely works, regardless whether you believe in it or not!  It’s very much like gravity that way.   I firmly believe(KNOW) that everything is possible!  We are all vibrational beings and emit a ‘frequency’ which is determined by our feelings…which are created by our thoughts.  Lest you think this is whoo whoo stuff, think again! It’s science baby, Quantum Physics, and it’s extraordinary! 

The Law of Attraction states that exactly what we put out into the world comes back to us, exactly.  In other words, what we focus on expands.   So the question is, “What are we focused on most of the day?” Believe it or not, 98% of the time we are focused on our DON’T WANTS!   Hmmmm….so does this mean that we’re likely getting more of what we DON’T WANT?  You bet it does.

If you’d like to see more of the things you DO WANT flowing into your life with greater ease and joy, then I offer you a simple but powerful exercise to getting started.

  1. Alone or with your family(great family activity!), take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and make two columns.
  2. Write down all your DON’T WANTS(they come easily…don’t have enough time, money, don’t exercise enough, not healthy enough etc)
  3. Next, write down all your DO WANTS. (abundant health, money, fitness, joy, peace, new job, new home, new car, new friends, and vacations….whatever you really want!)
  4. Post your DO WANTS all around your house and read them often…notice how you FEEL when you are focused on your DO WANTS vs. your DON’T WANTS.  Do you notice a difference?  Undoubtedly you do.  When we focus on our DO WANTS, we ‘vibrate’ and thus, attract, differently.  Many people say they feel more open, light, and good, vs. feeling tired, drained and overwhelmed when we focus on our DON’T WANTS!

The biggest part of this exercise is becoming astute at noticing how you are feeling.  We actually are hard wired with our very own GPS system called our Internal Guidance System, aka, our feelings!

Habits take some time to change, and this does take practice,  but when you decide to make this shift in your focus, you will be amazed by the results that will show up.  They can’t help but show up…because what we put out, we get back, every single time!

The book that began it all for me on this subject is: Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn

Check it out!

YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR ‘TO-DO LIST’ & Other False Premises….

YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR ‘TO-DO LIST’ & Other False Premises….

And why it might be time to re-think your own To-Do List for greater success!everything on your to-do-list

We all do it: you, me and probably your friends and neighbors, without even thinking!  It’s become such an accepted societal norm to pretty much brag about being ‘crazy busy’, having so much to do… then proceeding to list out, whether in our heads or out loud for all to hear, this fantastic list of 500 things we did today.

It’s like this Badge of Honor and it’s BS!  I keep thinking how funny it would be to makeup Busiest Women Badges and hand them out!  “I’m busier than you-nah nah nah!”LOL  (translation: I am more valuable than you or I am valuable today to myself because of all my do’s)

I feel it too, judging myself by how many things I have ticked off my To- Do(Should Do?) List and subconsciously or consciously, determining my worth that day by my ‘Volume of DO’s Completion Score.’  Oh, I better not put my power nap down, or taking time to drink my tea and read my book because they are not the high scoring items worthy of the Worthiness…or are they?!  My power nap is my #1 tool for success, by the way, but that’s for another blog! 

 So is it true?  Are we more valuable when we DO more?   Does our worthiness increase because we have 97 things on our to do list today?

I think not.  One thing I know for sure, we are Human BEings, not Human DOings.  As humans, we sure get to DO a lot of super cool stuff.  But are we doing the things that we came here to do…the things that amp us up, light up our souls, give us amazing joy?  Or are we just checking off high quantity and low quality To -Do lists so we can feel worthy?(did  someone say hamster wheel?)

  We did not come to this planet to ‘get IT done.’  We came forth to experience many things, namely joy and love, but none of it is based on how many checks we have on our To- Do list.  Our Worthiness is our birthright.  We are worthy simply because we exist. 

So how about this for an idea?  Let’s stop scoring and comparing our To Do lists.  Let’s give ourselves, and others a break from the judgment.  Instead, let’s create To Do lists that honor ourselves and our souls.  Let’s make sure that we are always at the top of that list and that BEing rates the highest every single day.  When we honor our BEingness, we honor our authenticity and our soul.  And this is where transformation and tapping into our genius can truly begin to occur.

Next Up:  A highly effective and useful To- Do List that totally lights up your soul

A Happy Life-Just a  String of Happy Moments

A Happy Life-Just a String of Happy Moments

A  Reflection on the Perfection of Just Another Weekend at Home…..

Good morning beautiful world. I woke this am about 450 am to this gorgeous vibrant yellow tree…in my mind that is!  It was a giant tree covered in mostly yellow with a few green leaves, and it just shined into my inner being and made me smile.  I could see the dew drops glistening as the sun shined down upon it

The trees of fall are remarkable. So metaphoric of life. To awaken with this brilliant image today was glorious!

happy-things-on-a string

So then, I began thinking about more things in my life that I love.  I love the entire day…no, weekend, I have had so far.  Friday night football amidst a packed Lebo homecoming crowd, tailgating with new friends who we are getting to know more each week, uniting over a game on a perfect fall evening that had barely a chill in it making my new fall sweater almost a little too warm, but not really.

We lost that game, shut out in fact, but the energy on our side was still good, the camaraderie was there and after all, Ben and the JV team got to play the whole 2nd half of the Varsity game given the landslide victory Woodland Hills ran up in the first half.  So that was good.  Tough team loss but a character building game for sure and Woodland Hills was gracious in victory that is always nice to see.  I’m pretty sure it was their shiny, aqua helmets that gave them their edge over us.

Beautiful Annika and her friends circling the track, hanging out with the middle school crowd on a lovely fall evening, homecoming kings, queens and courts being announced, great alumni being honored, the band sounded the best they have all season, lots of happy cheerleaders and many lebo faces from past and present, eagerly connecting with old friends, made it a good night for all despite the loss. We even met a couple of Allegheny College grads just making their yearly date night to watch the Blue Devils football game.  They, as all the alumni do, raved about their college experiences as a gator.  Another confirmation that Jack, my oldest, is in a great place.

Sitting around the kitchen table watching Benjamin eat a post game grilled cheese, Ken and I enjoyed hearing more of Ben’s perspective of the game while Ben and Ken mused over what went wrong and the hopes for going forward.

It was a good night.

Saturday morning brought us a much cooler; blustery morning as Annika and I headed out to our World of Mae 5K in Hartwood Acres.  After quite the circuitous route, we made it in perfect time.  We checked in, saw some friends including the organizer, Katie, and after dancing around in the cold, finally started the race.  When I quickly realized that my hips needed some TLC and my own pace, Annika zoomed ahead and did an awesome job running the 5K on her own and waiting for me at the finish line!   The course was filled with creative, delightful and whimsical characters throughout and the love for Ada Mae, and this family was palpable.   Glad we participated.  Annika and I easily found our way back to our hood,  to a warm lunch and some hot chocolate at Panera to celebrate our victory!

After a fabulous nap, warm shower and just chill day, Ken and I went food shopping at Market District, off our normal schedule which was great, tried to do some birthday shopping for my  sister-in- law, without success (because CD’s and DVD’s are hard to find!)

We came home and with good help from Ben and Annika; we emptied the groceries and turned right around and headed back out to have dinner at Bado’s.

I love our neighborhood,  including Bado’s. I loved walking in and having Zach the bartender welcome us and nearly pull out some bar stools for us to sit on, ready to pour us our favorite drinks.  I love sitting in our booth across from my beautiful kids and to my handsome hubby, laughing with my awesome family, looking out towards my quaintly lit up Beverly Rd and watching families, babies and friends!Luke and Nico walk by and wave at us.  I love Ben running into another friend outside, (who heard about the game)and then having Max and his family come in and sit across from us after a little friendly chit chat which included ‘the game’, of course.  I love walking out the door and running into Dennis R., getting a hug…and deciding that,the next time he calls Annika ‘Anniken’, we are sure to call him Dennis Rodman,  and finally, heading past Coffee Tree Roasters and back to the car parked in front of our old stomping grounds, Lincoln School…watching Ken ‘strut his stuff’ in Ken fashion, we finally head home for the night.

So lucky are we.

Tell us about your ‘normal’, everyday routines…and let us share in stringing together one happy moment after another for you!