Calling All Perfectly Powerful Women!

What CHOICES are you making for your life?

Are you ready for CHANGE? Then you must make new CHOICES today that will move you forward on the path of living your DREAMS! Jump in with us and we will join hands along your journey!

  • Are you ready to amp up and play your bigger game?
  • Are you looking for greater clarity for your life purpose?
  • Would you like a boost in your self confidence and leave self doubt at the door?
  • Would you like to tap into your inner guidance more easily and often?
  • How about learning to truly identify and embrace your gifts and once and for all, begin to share them with the world?

Resonating with you on some level?

GREAT! Then this empowering Webinar Series-Plus is for YOU!

A quick glimpse of what to expect

Here are the Must Know Deets!



4 Week Webinar Series, Unleashing Your Perfect Power & Claiming Your Joy! – in the comfort of your own home where you can chill out, relax, listen and learn!

DATES:         Mondays- April 20th & 27th, May 11th & 18th 2015
TIME:            7:30pm – 8:30pm followed by 30 min Q & A
LOCATION: A comfy place in your home with your computer and a glass of coffee, tea, wine or water 😉

COST: $87 total for ALL 4 webinars PLUS recordings plus access to private my private membership site!

Early Bird Price through APRIL 13th, 2015: $77



OPTION 2: Webinar Series-PLUS

Includes the above, Unleashing Your Perfect Power Webinar Series and all recordings


2 in person Perfectly Powerful Connection workshops!

We will come together at a location in the South Hills of Pittsburgh on two mornings for 3 hours where we will get to go deeper with you and your personal goals via powerful exercises including my powerful Light Bulb Strength’s builder tool, chakra clearing and grounding meditations, intro to EFT(tapping), AND, for those who want it, 15 minute individual POWER CHAIR sessions where we will brainstorm, support and uplift you together in order to for you to gain clarity and confidence on an area of your life that you are wanting to expand in! Those who do NOT want their own Power Chair session will gain much by being part of the energizing support team for our Sista’s!

DATES:         Saturdays May 2nd & May 30th, 2015
TIME:            7am-10am
LOCATION: To be announced (South Hills)

COST: $177 total for all webinars, workshops, breakfast at both workshops and a special journal for each workshop participant!

Early Bird Price through APRIL 13th, 2015: $167


Here’s a glimpse on what to expect with the webinars!

Week 1: Amazing and incredible special guest, Rev. Marjorie Augustine Rivera, professional Psychic Medium, will be sharing her gifts and insights relative to our INTUITION. You will learn to decipher the voice of your intuition from the other voices inside you while determining the qualities of intuitive information and how they can serve you.

Week 2: You will learn some practical tools to utilize your very own internal navigating system, get clear on your personal “yes and no” and begin to work smarter..not harder in all aspects of you life!

Week 3: Jen will share her best information and tools on blasting through non serving beliefs, leaving fear at the door,changing your inner critic from foe to friend along with some mindset re-sets to help you unearth your inner confidence and provide you with tools to help you step into your true and authentic power!

Week 4: In our final week of webinars, Jen will teach on why Inspired Action is the ONLY action you want to take, how to get into and notice Inspired Action. She will provide some key information on getting into your space of self care, self compassion and self LOVE as a requirement for creating massive success as you deliberately create the next steps along your journey, creating a future filled will love, joy and abundance on all levels!


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