And why it might be time to re-think your own To-Do List for greater success!everything on your to-do-list

We all do it: you, me and probably your friends and neighbors, without even thinking!  It’s become such an accepted societal norm to pretty much brag about being ‘crazy busy’, having so much to do… then proceeding to list out, whether in our heads or out loud for all to hear, this fantastic list of 500 things we did today.

It’s like this Badge of Honor and it’s BS!  I keep thinking how funny it would be to makeup Busiest Women Badges and hand them out!  “I’m busier than you-nah nah nah!”LOL  (translation: I am more valuable than you or I am valuable today to myself because of all my do’s)

I feel it too, judging myself by how many things I have ticked off my To- Do(Should Do?) List and subconsciously or consciously, determining my worth that day by my ‘Volume of DO’s Completion Score.’  Oh, I better not put my power nap down, or taking time to drink my tea and read my book because they are not the high scoring items worthy of the Worthiness…or are they?!  My power nap is my #1 tool for success, by the way, but that’s for another blog! 

 So is it true?  Are we more valuable when we DO more?   Does our worthiness increase because we have 97 things on our to do list today?

I think not.  One thing I know for sure, we are Human BEings, not Human DOings.  As humans, we sure get to DO a lot of super cool stuff.  But are we doing the things that we came here to do…the things that amp us up, light up our souls, give us amazing joy?  Or are we just checking off high quantity and low quality To -Do lists so we can feel worthy?(did  someone say hamster wheel?)

  We did not come to this planet to ‘get IT done.’  We came forth to experience many things, namely joy and love, but none of it is based on how many checks we have on our To- Do list.  Our Worthiness is our birthright.  We are worthy simply because we exist. 

So how about this for an idea?  Let’s stop scoring and comparing our To Do lists.  Let’s give ourselves, and others a break from the judgment.  Instead, let’s create To Do lists that honor ourselves and our souls.  Let’s make sure that we are always at the top of that list and that BEing rates the highest every single day.  When we honor our BEingness, we honor our authenticity and our soul.  And this is where transformation and tapping into our genius can truly begin to occur.

Next Up:  A highly effective and useful To- Do List that totally lights up your soul